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Xtendoe by Burkhardt the Artist


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Xtendoe in Toto
Artist Rocky Burkhardt

"Xtendoe in Toto" is an enhanced state of being in which an individual can feel their existence and their extensions, connections and unification with natural and supernatural entities of domains. It is a state of total relaxation and fulfilment. The state is brought on by a very simple practice of relaxation techniques and mantras. Rocky Burkhardt brings this wonderful state of being to you through personal, "Xtendoe in Toto" sessions. These sessions lead to a oneness with the natural and supernatural! Contact Artist Rocky Burkhardt for more information.

CD: "Xtendoe in Toto" This CD explains Xtendoe in Toto and gives the Mantras and steps leading to this wonderful state of being.   Through Xtendoe in Toto an individual can achieve a deep state of relaxation and can feel their existence and their extensions, connections and unification with the natural and supernatural.
$39.95 plus $3.95 in shipping and handling

Artist Rocky founded the Xtendoe movement in Augusta, Kentucky in the Year 2000, so that the lives of individuals, peoples and nations throughout the world could be enhanced through an awareness of the "Xtendoe Secrets of Life." This awareness can lead to a richer fuller life to enjoy, create and invent. Great Power and Potential can be had with Xtendoe! Xtendoe relates to the past and is absolutely crucial for the present and the future!

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