Xtendoe by Burkhardt the Artist
Xtendoe by Burkhardt the Artist


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Secrets of Life
Artist Rocky Burkhardt

Artists throughout the ages have attempted to understand and record through their artwork the life of man, with his connections to the natural and supernatural. As time went on, artists began to accumulate a tremendous amount of information and insight into the actual workings of life; this information was passed down from generation to generation, from artist to artist.

During the Renaissance, artists who had received this knowledge came to realize that they had in fact received many of the "Secrets of Life." They began to use this knowledge to enjoy life and to create their great works of art. The use of these "Secrets" gave their artwork dynamic life, acclaim, and put them far above the competition for the lucrative art commissions of the day. These artists became the Great Masters of Art. They protected and guarded their "Secrets of Life" and only passed them down to their very best and most trusted students.

Artist Rocky Burkhardt, through a direct lineage to the Great Masters of Art learned the "Secrets of Life." Through additional study, thought, research and reflection, Burkhardt refined, simplified and expanded the "Secrets" and was able to pull together many of the underlying "Secrets and Relationships of Human Existence."

Burkhardt coined the acronym "Xtendoe" as it most ably describes the "Secrets and relationships" of human existence. Xtendoe" stands for Extended Entities and Domains of Existence. Entities and domains extend out to other entities and domains and are connected to and unified with them. In short, "Xtendoe" is an Awareness (Enlightenment) of how life works and how we as humans fit into the scheme of life.

Rocky Burkhardt's new book the, "Secrets of Life in Poetry from Artist Rocky Burkhardt" is written simply but is rich in its ability to show how life works and how we as humans fit into the scheme of life. The knowledge in this book can lead to a richer fuller life to enjoy and create!

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